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Crystallized honey is not bad honey.  Crystallized is a form of honey.  When you buy the honey, it may be in a liquid form or it has started to crystallize and you can see small white flakes appear on the bottom of the container.  Bubba actually prefers eating crystallized because he can spoon it into his coffee in the morning without it dripping.   

Other forms of honey include whipped, creamed or candied.  All of which are crystallized honey in the form of fine crystals to large chunky crystals.

If you prefer liquid, some customers have placed our glass bottles, without the lid on, in a microwave for 30 seconds at a time till it turns into a liquid form again (not the plastic bottles, they shrink with heat). Some customers set the bottle in very warm water. We have some customers who shared they set the bottle in the window that gets a lot of hot sunshine coming in or keep by the stove.  

Just remember that several thousand of years old honey was found in the pyramids and was still good because it went into a crystallized form.  

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